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Screenwriting 101

Professional instructor!
Published author & writer

Deadlines approaching: 4/1/08

April and May, 2008 class

Rated Top Online Screenwriting Class by ScreenwriterÂ’s Monthly

Screenwriting 101 is an online class for beginning writers or writers wanting to brush up on the fundamentals. For four weeks you will interact and study under the guidance of your instructor to jump start your writing and hit the ground running. Also, two online LIVE lectures during office hours to help you as you do your assignments and work on your script. (Register below).

The class presents the fundamentals of screenwriting: character development, plot development, structure, conflict, and dialogue. Mainly focused on beginners or anyone who wants to brush up on the fundamentals. Students gain enough knowledge to continue writing their screenplay, start their first screenplay, and finish.

Course Certification?: Yes!, you receive a certification of successful completion!
Course Format: Online & instructor based
Course Length: 4 week(s)
Cost: was $150, NOW: $75
Deadline: 4/1/08

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Why take a class? Every year about 50,000 or more screenplays will be registered with the Writers Guild of America and other services. Less than 1,000 will be purchased by Hollywood studios and producers. The competition is fierce. You're competing with professionals as well as everyone else. Start your screenwriting career (or first screenplay) by taking a professional level class taught by a professional.

Class Breakdown:

Finding the Heart of your story
Plot or Character driven, which is best?
Cause and Effect (Characters and Plot)
Thinking about Characters
Fully fleshed Characters
The Paradigms of a Story
Screenplay Structure
What is Structure and why is it important?
What Structure best suits your Story?
Structure and Genre
Classic Structure: Linear, Journey, Chase, Search
Types of Alternative Narrative Structure
Writing your first ten pages
The Setup: the or else scene
Establishing genre and drama
Connecting the Audience
Case Studies
Looking Ahead towards your Second and Third Acts (setups and payoffs)
Writing the Scene
Types of Scenes
Scene Dialectics
Ins and Outs

Who is the instructor?

The instructor is Chris Wehner, a published author, journalist, critic and professional screenwriter. He has worked in the field for over 10 years. He was recently Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Screenwriter's Monthly and VP of Development for MoviePartners. Currently his screenplay, EL CAMINO, is in development with Area 51 Films in Los Angeles and is scheduled to go into production this year. He recently optioned his latest script, THREESOME, to producer Ted Melfi and is also scheduled to go into pre-production this year. His book, "Screenwriting on the Internet: Researching, Writing & Selling Your Script on the Web" was a Top Seller at The Writer's Store and his latest book "Who Wrote That Movie?" has received praise as well.

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