Sunday, March 02, 2008  

General Motors Drives Your Stories

Filmaka is here to turn your passions into professions, and so we are excited to present the latest professional opportunity for our members. We are proud to announce our latest competition, in collaboration with General Motors Corp., the world’s largest automobile manufacturer.

GM wants to support storytelling on the web, and they have come to Filmaka because of our creative and sophisticated membership. GM wants your pitches for shows that can feature some of their new vehicles. They have provided specific guidelines which we encourage you to adhere to. They do not want a commercial, or obvious pitches inserted into unrelated narratives. GM is seeking content where viewers are connecting with characters, and through them with the vehicles they drive. Find moments that feel like they could only be served by the cars and trucks you choose. Find the emotions that will make viewers remember your film whenever they see these vehicles. Think the Pontiac Firebird “Screaming Chicken” in Smokey & The Bandit. Think the Chevy Malibu in Repo Man. Think the original Knight Rider Trans-Am. Think the Camaro as Bumblebee in last summer’s blockbuster Transformers.

They are extensions of the characters, or characters themselves. They are integral to the stories, not tacked-on advertising. This is an opportunity to create real, ongoing programming with compelling characters and stories. Make use of the technological possibilities of the web and find ways to engage viewers with the show and with the vehicles. Do you have other promotional ideas that go hand-in-hand with your narrative? Go for it!

Filmaka will select up to 7 finalists to receive $5000 each. From these finalists GM can choose pilots to put into production and provide the appropriate vehicles for the shoot. Submit a detailed written synopsis of a film 3 – 5 minutes in length, with 4-5 more episode ideas intended to total around 30 minutes of original webisodic content that can live on its own and potentially be viewed as “pilot” material, as well as your creative extension and distribution recommendations. The episodes themselves must support and integrate one of GM‘s identified brands/messages:

Chevy Malibu
Chevy Silverado
Environmental Message
New Saturn Family (specifically Astra and Vue Greenline)
Cadillac CTS and Escalade Hybrid

The rights to any submissions not selected as finalists will be retained by you, the creator. They will be kept confidential and only used internally at Filmaka as a record of your style and creativity, and to be considered for potential series development outside of the GM competition. Help define the next generation of content. Good luck, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

A complete list of the vehicles GM wants to feature, and more info on the contest can be Found Here on our site. ( We will start accepting submissions (in pdf format) in the middle of next week. Submissions must be in by MARCH 11th.