Monday, June 06, 2005  

Film Literary Group - Strategic Script Packaging

If you have a great story to tell, but need some doors opened to sell your script, nothing beats experience and inside knowledge of the movie business. Film Literary Group are former literary agents with more than twenty years of success in the film and television industry. Their goal is getting your script to the key people looking to purchase or produce new material. Knowing the real players instead of the imitators and "wanna be's" is one of the most important factors in selling a good script.

They do much more than merely route your script. They also provide the strategic packaging that all films must have these days. This includes three levels. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Packages to attach talent, budgets and distribution for your movie script. Their goal is to submit your screenplay with elements attached to the film buyers. This is the way movies are made today!

They will help provide you with the steps to successfully navigate your screenplay through the Hollywood maze of studios, independent production companies and film distributors. Let them create the same exciting results for you as they have for others.

Or call at: 323-650-1270


At 12:09 PM,Blogger Ron Tocknell said...

According to many online forums, Film Literary Group are a bunch of scammers who have absolutely NO contacts within the industry. I can't find a single reference to anyone who has had a successful script submission through them but there are lots of accounts of those who have been with them and have been (rather foolishly) paying out money for this or that until they get fed up and withdraw.

It seems that FLG make their money by conning as much out of their clients as they can before the client cottons on and pulls out.

At 1:24 PM,Anonymous Anonymous said...

This outfit is no better than that Sonja Whittle/Film Noir 2020 "development company" who equally have no contacts, but will be happy to take your property. Then of course there's that whole Sherry Fine fiasco. Just chalk up Film Literary Group as another scam.

At 11:38 PM,Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was a victim of Sonja Whittle :(