Thursday, May 19, 2005  

Intensive Seminar Program > You Lost it in the Second Act

"Rated BEST online Screenwriting Class" by Screenwriter's Monthly Magazine!

ISP is designed to offer maximum exposure for your screenplay. Our professional instructor will read and write an evaluation of your script. This evaluation will focus on your second act and any issues that need to be addressed. It's not writer's block, but second act issues that effect your ability to finish your screenplay! The instructor will provide proven strategies for second act success. There are several things that can be picked up on early in the writing process that will spell disaster as you try to punch through the second act and still maintain narrative trajectory. This is an 8 week program from start to finish and includes script evaluation (second act emphasis), rewriting, live instruction and training, and online readings. You will receive analysis, and then have 4 weeks to perform rewrites, during which you'll meet with instructor several times in live training sessions to discuss issues that arise.

You Got Close To Page 60 But... In general, there are five MAJOR reasons why you "Lost it in the Second Act."

1. Failure to outline your Dramatic Arc (This I cover in detail and show you where your script is going wrong and pinpoint early warning signs.)
2. No exit strategy for your second act (This is the bread and butter of the course. I will provide you with specific and proven strategies for properly setting up and getting through your second act.)
3. Overt awareness of screenplay structure (Seems like a simple thing but there are ways to manage your narrative and also increase tension and conflict without sacrificing tempo and beat.)
4. You took your eye off the ball (Doing more re-writing than writing? I'll help you avoid this with some helpful tips.)
5. Your desire to complete the story wanes (You lost the passion, why? We'll look at the dynamics of effective story selection and development.)

Who should take this class? Anyone who has one or more screenplay's they can't seem to finish; feels their completed screenplay is missing something, and/or feels overwhelmed after only 30+ pages of writing. You do not need a finished screenplay to take this ISP!

Cost: $375
Class size: 8 (Class size is limited to guarantee you plenty of one-on-one time with instructor!)