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Screenwriting 101

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Screenwriting 101 is an online class for beginning writers or writers wanting to brush up on the fundamentals. In two intense class sessions you can jumpstart your writing and hit the ground running. The class presents the fundamentals of screenwriting: character development, plot development, structure, conflict, and dialogue. Mainly focused on beginners or anyone who wants to brush up on the fundamentals. Students gain enough knowledge to continue writing their screenplay, start their first screenplay, and finish.

Class Training schedule:

February 15th and 17th (6PM PST, LA time)
March 21st and 23rd (6PM PST, LA time)

Class space is limited so reserve your space now for the next class.

Class Goals:

* Reading (e-text), movie analysis, and some writing exercises
* Lectures on fundamental concepts
* Present work for critique

The online class is in two-parts, first an online tutorial (e-book) you access right away after signing up; and then two intense training Sessions with the professional instructor:

* Finding the Heart of your story
* Plot or Character driven, which is best?
* Cause and Effect (Characters and Plot)
* Thinking about Characters
* Fully fleshed Characters
* The Paradigms of a Story

Screenplay Structure (This is not a discussion on simply the 3-Acts, every story has a beginning, middle, and an end or it would not be a story, and we're only interested in writing screenplays with a story.)

* What is Structure and why is it important?
* What Structure best suits your Story?
* Structure and Genre
* Classic Structure: Linear, Journey, Chase, Search
* Types of Alternative Narrative Structure

Republished from a newsletter.


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Thanks for the great screenwriting tips.

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