Wednesday, February 02, 2005  

Nicole Kidman Oscar vs. Overexposure

Beauty. Sophistication. Talent. Desire. A combination that has smacked Hollywood in the jaw and keeps them begging for more. Being an admirer of Nicole, I only have one question.

Dear Nic,

I can't help but notice you've turned into a work-a-holic since your separation from Tom. Do you think that a little rest and relaxation might help you put your ongoing body of work into perspective?

Yours Truly,

A Concerned Fan

Since 2001 (Moulin Rouge!) Nicole Kidman has completed 10 films. How many do you remember? A handful right? She's committed to seven films in 05' and 06'. When star athletes hit their prime, Super Bowls, World Series titles and the Stanley Cup is expected. In comparison, Nicole's in her prime and we should expect one of the following movies to produce an Oscar for best actress. The only downside - if a few of these movies flop at the box office, Hollywood will start looking for the next big time leading lady.

 The Untitled Alexander the Great Project
(2006) (in production)
Wedding Season
(2006) (announced)
Emma's War
(2005) (pre-production)
American Darlings
(2005) (pre-production)
(2006) (filming)
(2005) (post-production)
The Interpreter
(2005) (post-production)

So where would both of the previous scenarios mentioned leave Nicole? An Oscar solidifies and acknowledges her body of work and her current run as the top leading lady. Overexposure opens the door for a new actress to take top billing.

I only hope when, and if, the door shuts on Nicole's remarkable run, it doesn't hit her in the fanny and give critics a reason to overlook her accomplishments thus far.


At 9:43 AM,Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most lead ladies stop getting leads some time between ages 35-45. Time, and not overexposure, is the leading threat to an actress' career. The only actress I can think of who did herself in by making too many bad movies was Demi Moore, and even there, all the time she spent having children may have played as much of a factor in her career slowdown.