Tuesday, January 11, 2005  

A New Years Resolution, Easier Said Than Done.

Every year, around the holidays, I find myself deeply enthralled in the script that will launch my career. Every year that script has to be set-aside to labor over the chores of present hunting. Yes I use the word hunting because it's never easy. Mundane at times. It's like everyone is at the same fishing hole, a.k.a. the mall, trying to find the perfect spot to reel in the big one, a.k.a. the present. I'd rather be at home writing.

The News Years Resolution is always the same. Get back into my script. How do you get back into your screenplay after taking two months off?

The best advice I could possibly share is to think small. Start with reading over your draft a few times to get the story flowing in your mind again. Run through any notes that you may have written down. You know the notes you wrote on that new stationary ya' got this year. The notes that have eggnog stains on them. It's ok; no one needs to know that you put a little too much brandy in it.

Once you have a handle on the big picture again, write, write, write. If it doesn't make sense that's ok, no one will know. With so much time away from your story, your writings bound to be a bit squeaky. Editing will fine-tune any sloppy copy.

If all else fails, put your latest script aside and start a new one. You'll have plenty of time in the future to come back to it. You've got about another 300 days till the hunting season begins again. A lot can be accomplished with your News Years resolution as long as you stay away from the brandy. I know, the latter of the two is easier said than done.

Hope everyone had a great holiday season this year.