Tuesday, February 15, 2005  

Movie Review: Boogeyman

Those of you who might have believed in the Boogeyman when you were little might enjoy this one. What could be better than the demise of that horrible man who peered at you from within the darkness of your closet? Director Stephen T. Kay (Get Carter - 2000) does a decent job on this film considering the script lacked a lot of punch. 

Writers Eric Kripke, Juliet Snowden and Stiles White were able to produce a delightful result in a few areas of the script. Boogeyman is a classic example of an individual character in conflict with himself. Even with the slow pace of act two, the writer's were able to show a progressive build in the main characters internal struggle. The character was driving himself stir crazy. It was driving me crazy thinking, why did I come to see this? In fact, the first two acts of this script were so slow a cute couple, a few rows in front of us, got up and left. Witty dialogue and strong character relationships do not exist. This is a character driven script through and through. Man against his mind. Man against the supernatural.

About that cute couple who wasted away a few dollars on Valentines Day, they missed act three by about 10 minutes. Act 3 of Boogeyman clearly carries the entire film. If you can stand sitting around for over an hour being teased with some of the old ghost story cliche', make you jump in your seat gags, your in for a treat. Act three is a rush. It played out beautifully on the big screen. The protagonist finally overcomes his internal struggle and battles his supernatural antagonist. As for who wins this battle, you'll have to go see the movie for yourself. Just be prepared to sleep for an hour or so.

The concept of this film is interesting. Box office results of the first two weeks for Boogeyman produced 33 million in ticket sales to prove it.

I'd have to say this would be a great weekend rental when it becomes available if you're not a guru like myself when it comes to horror/ghost flicks.

If you love a very slow building, almost mundane, plot pace, go ahead and give it a ride.

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PS: It's not really a date flick. However, if you do have a significant other to go with you, it's strongly advised. Their shoulder will make a good pillow while you sleep. They'll also be there to wake you up at the end of act two so you don't miss what you're actually paying for, the third act.