Tuesday, March 10, 2009  

Screenplay Quickie - Braveheart

Combine the pathos of Mad Max with the epic battle scenes and machismo of Gladiator, and you'll get a sense of Braveheart's power. Mel Gibson directed and stars in the full-throttle telling of the story of rebel Scottish warrior William Wallace and his fierce battle to rid Scotland of a tyrannical English ruler. Mythmaking at its best, Braveheart picked up Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography and more.

Download the Braveheart Screenplay.



At 5:58 PM,Blogger ScreenplayJ said...

This probably one of the best movies Mel Gibson ever Directed!!! I'm definitely reading this one.

At 9:03 AM,Blogger jjontronn said...

Agreed with Screenplayj - Braveheart is one of the more epic films I've ever seen. With all the controversy about Mel Gibson this is a good reminder of why he is around. www.thedeepwaterproject.com