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Magazine Description
Script has been the leading source for information on the craft and business of writing for film and television for over 11 years. Script is now part of the Final Draft family of products and many new content features have been added. Each bi-monthly issue delivers informative articles on writing, developing and marketing screenplays and television scripts. The editorial content is for writers, by writers. Most of the articles are written by working writers and development executives. Additionally, agents, managers and entertainment attorneys contribute regularly. Script offers substance, style, inside information, news, trends and authoritative advice on how to write and sell a script in today's challenging market.

Each issue brings you the following regular features:

New Writer Profile
Script knows which writers are about to hit it big. Meet the next top scriptwriter-talk about his process, career and plans for the future.

Anatomy of a Scene
Scenes are rewritten over and over before they reach the big screen. Find out which scenes were the most difficult, and how and why the changes were made leading up to the final scene that was shot.

New Media
Scriptwriters, both aspiring and established, sometimes need to make some money in between spec sales. There are many ways to write for a living while writing specs. Each issue of Script profiles a different kind of new media for which scriptwriters can provide content.

From Script to Screen
This long-running favorite of Script readers chronicles the progress of a current film from its inception to the big screen, and gives the writer a forum to talk about the changes that happened along the way.

Why I Write
Script gets up-close and personal with the working scriptwriter. Why I Write is a frank conversation with a successful, working writer who speaks about his day, his writing style and quirks, and his individual path to

Writers on Writing
Script's Writers on Writing series sets our editorial far above the rest. Working writers with films currently in the theaters write articles about their scriptwriting process. Past contributors have included Bill Condon, Roger Avary, Brian Helgeland, John August, Jeff Nathanson, Bobby
Moresco, David Goyer, Simon Kinburg, Jim Sheridan, Ed Solomon, and many

The Small Screen (TV)
Television writers are some of the best dramatic writers working today. Script takes you into the writers room of popular shows such as The Shield, Rescue Me, The Closer, My Name is Earl, Weeds, The Sopranos, and more.

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