Monday, December 08, 2008  

Split-Short Film Contest Announced

Netfilm has teamed up with the Rhode Island International Film Festival and Movie Outline software for the Split-Short Film Contest. They are extremely excited about this year's contest and are looking forward to all of the creative entries. Prizes for this contest include festival screenings, a Hi-Def Sony Camcorder, Movie Outline Software and much, much more. The best part of all - Entry is FREE!!!

The contest will be setup similar to the Split-Screenplay Contest where each entrant is placed in one of two divisions and will review short films that are in the opposite division of their own. This way, you are not competing with the films that you review for the first round. The top films from the first round will be reviewed by a panel of judges who will determine the top of the top. Check out all the details at Split-Short Film Contest.


At 8:10 AM,Blogger Shea said...

what's your opinion of Woody Allen?

At 6:35 AM,Blogger scripts said...

Brilliant writer... I am not in love with his directing.