Saturday, October 01, 2005  

The Players Marketplace

"Very useful and professionally presented. I like how you show the different genres, projects that have management or representation attached and the success stories. Keep up the great work."

--Mario Domina, MFD Films

The Players Marketplace is a printed publication that contains loglines of writers' scripts. It gets snail-mailed out to nearly 5,000 agents, managers and producers every two months. Having your script on the web site and in the Players Marketplace makes for a powerful combination.

The deadline for the December issue is October 17.

To showcase your scripts and learn how you can take advantage, go to:


At 6:06 PM,Blogger Lauren said...

Yours is a fine site for these sore eyes! Nicely done.

Come visit and say hello to a fellow screenwriter.
Best, Lauren

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