Wednesday, August 17, 2005  

Forum Post - Sending Out Screenplay's


What do you know about sending out your screenplay before sending a query or logline to ads seeking screenplay's on message boards? Any feedback appreciated,



One of the first things you should do before sending your work to anyone is protect it. Make sure your script is registered with the WGA and/or copyrighted. Always fill out a company’s release form and save a copy for yourself. If they don’t have one or offer one, look elsewhere.

As for sending your script out, don’t just do it blindly. If a company didn’t ask for it, chances are they won’t read it when you send it to them. They won’t even open the package you’ve sent them. It’s a lawsuit thing that could potentially come their way.

Best advice, always introduce yourself and your script with a logline and query letter. From personal experience, if they’re interested they will ask you to fill out their release form and mail it to them with your script. That way they’re protected, you’re protected and a potential deal for you has started off on the right foot… or left if you prefer.