Friday, April 10, 2009  

FREE Screenwriting Classes, Courtesy of StoryLink

Did you know there's a sector that's not just surviving, but thriving in this tough economic environment? With soaring box office receipts for 2008 and beyond, Hollywood is quickly proving to be recession-resistant.

While the booming business in Tinseltown presents an awesome opportunity for aspiring screenwriters to get to work on selling their scripts, StoryLink recognizes that not every potential scribe has the means or the resources to learn how to target Hollywood buyers. That's why we work hard to create accessible writer-centric events that encourage and support the creative community.

To that end, StoryLink is proud to once again present our acclaimed (and 100% FREE) event, StoryLink All-Stars Live at The Great American PitchFest, taking place June 13-14, 2009 at the Marriott Hotel & Convention Center in Burbank, CA. These classes, conceived in partnership with The Great American PitchFest, who shares our mission of helping screenwriters advance their craft and their careers, are presented in the interest of developing strong writers and to further the screenwriting craft.

Take FREE classes with:

Pilar Alessandra, On the Page
Michael Hauge, Author Selling Your Story in 60 Seconds
Dara Marks, Author Inside Story
Ellen Sandler, Emmy Nominee & Co-Exec Producer, Everybody Loves Raymond
Blake Snyder, Screenwriter & Author, Save The Cat & Save The Cat Goes To The Movies
Chris Soth, Million Dollar Screenwriting & Hollywood By Phone
Kathie Fong Yoneda, Former Disney Exec & Author, The Script Selling Game
Julie Gray, The Script Whisperer

And many more!

To register for a free class, please visit the StoryLink All-Stars Event Page. Please note that all classes are available on a "first come, first seated" basis and tend to fill up quickly; however, participants who have also registered for The Great American PitchFest are guaranteed seating in all classes. For more information and to register for The Great American PitchFest, please click here.


Thursday, April 02, 2009  

Storylink - Post a Question for Greg Reitman

For the Earth Day-themed April edition of the StoryLink eZine, they are featuring a Q&A with environmental advocate Greg Reitman, producer of Fuel, the 2008 winner for Best Documentary at Sundance. Wondering how you can get into the green scene? Greg will answer questions posed by the StoryLink community, so post your query today!

Fuel is a revelatory film that explores America's addiction to oil, from its historical origins to political constructs that support it, ultimately revealing alternatives and steps the country can take to make a change.

Reitman was recently named one of "10 Moviemakers Making a Difference" in MovieMaker magazine and is preparing to shoot at the UN for Earth Day as part of his upcoming film, Roots of Peace. He will be joined in our Q&A by Fuel director Josh Tickell and its screenwriter, Johnny O'Hara. Tickell's bestselling book, From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank, jumpstarted the US biodiesel movement, while O'Hara was nominated for a 2009 WGA documentary screenwriting award for Fuel.

Submit your question for Greg and the team behind Fuel by March 30. If your question is chosen, you'll win a one-year subscription to MovieMaker Magazine.

Post your query today!

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